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Here we will briefly describe the steps of setting up your factory Setting up a sugar factory

Setting up your factory:

1- Specialized industrial and production consulting:

In the specialized meetings of our consultants, the required information is collected and documented according to the needs assessment that is done at the request of the employer, and finally, the results of analyzing the available data, in the form of a schedule of project implementation, are phased (gun chart). is presented.

2- Infrastructure implementation:

The infrastructure required for the commissioning of the factory production line, including industrial electricity, piping, engine room and septic tank, is carried out by approved executives in this field and under the supervision of our company’s technical engineering department.

3- Making machines: Starting a sugar factory

Production line machines are simulated with software such as AUTOCAD, SOLID WORKS, CATIA and after performing technical considerations, according to the executive plan, are made in the technical unit.

4- Installation of the production line:

Our company’s technical team in the start-up phase of the factory production line, taking into account the requirements and standards required for a production line and in accordance with location plans and pre-designed by the company’s support team and controlling technical and safety issues, set up the production line in The location of the factory indicates the customer.

5- Services and development of production line and devices: Setting up a sugar factory

Our complementary art and expertise meets your needs for product line development and after-sales service

6- Training and support:

Preventive inspections, technical troubleshooting and continuous monitoring of machine performance are some of the measures that, within the framework of appropriate support, can ensure the survival of a production line for a long time. Time Industrial Group ensures the performance of the production line by conducting periodic and periodic inspections of the factory.

7- Warranty and guarantee:

In order to satisfy our customers, all production lines, devices and machines as well as industrial equipment will be provided with a 2-year warranty and a 15-year after-sales service.

Food production lines, as one of the most profitable businesses, have always been one of the most attractive topics for investment.

However, the complex process of setting up a factory in many cases may act as a major barrier to preventing investors from entering the field.

Time Industrial Group, with the aim of facilitating this process for business owners, introduces start-up from zero to one hundred as one of its most important customer services. In short, since the formation of an investment idea in mind Until the customer produces and sells the product in the market, the various teams of Time Company will be with him to produce the product according to the pre-determined schedule.

We are well aware of the importance of the time parameter in matters relating to investment in food production. In this regard, since a factory start-up project is handed over to the company, different teams, including the consulting, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, support and trade departments, take the necessary measures in a coordinated and simultaneous manner so that the project is completed in the shortest possible time. Execute the desired.

Zero to one hundred factory startups

Time, designer and manufacturer of food industry production lines

Zero to 100 factory start-ups are one of our most important services to boost national production for entrepreneurs interested in food production. Time tries to align with the design and construction of machinery, facilitating processes such as obtaining a license , writing a justification plan , preparing executive plans and

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